The Red Tailor Diaries: Talia’s Journal

(*There are many droplet stains on the page that could be either tears or Ale.*)

I’ve never been one to keep an account of events on paper… much of the time since leaving the elves I would rather others not know, and would like to forget… but recently, events have transpired that I need to work out. It’s all become so distorted and hurtful… I don’t know where to start, relations are so tangled…

(The ink trails & pools, as if the writer paused for some time, not lifting the quill)

Friendships have been damaged, and the more I think about it, I fear lives may be lost…

My dearest friend has pushed me away… I am torn, I wish only to comfort and support her, but… but the truth I know is not one likely to heal, and it is not mine to tell. Liu Mei has been through much in her life. She has told me of the loss of her brother at a young age, and hinted at some deeper scars from a lover… recently she had been happy, over several months, things seemed to improve, and one day she proclaimed she was in love. I’ve never seen such joy in her face… that image, along with another, now haunts me. She was together with Galandrias, I knew him from an early trip to the Stone Lands, he was there during Liu Mei’s… sickness… and more recently he had befriended myself and my sister, Aniya. To hear that they had formed a deeper connection though those events lightened my spirit, Liu Mei has always been kind and encouraging, I wish only the best for her. Some time later I spoke to Galandrias, impressing how dear she was, and how fragile she could be, below the strong exterior. I thought we had an understanding…

Over time, it seemed more often I saw Liu Mei alone, and waiting… it was always something of his work keeping him away, but she was ever faithful. Several days ago, Galandrias found me, upstairs in the Dragon, sitting by the fire. He arrived with heavy heart, and the need to talk. After opening up with a question about past events, he expressed that he did not feel he and Liu Mei would work out. My heart sank at the news. That there was another did not come as a surprise, this seems to always be the case. The other, had been with him before, but he was unsure if the feelings were returned. In Liu Mei, he found someone he knew loved him, and lied to himself, thinking he could leave the other he cared for. That he continued with both for so long, I have yet to forgive… perhaps in time.

He came to me before talking to Liu Mei, knowing she would need support, and knowing I was her friend. That support will be here if ever asked for, but I fear for the coming days… his next words stuck me, that this ‘other’ was Aniya, that my friendship will be tested against the bond of a sister… I love them both so much…

(*an ink trail and more droplet stains*)

Tonight… how I wish tonight never had to happen… tonight, Galandrias confessed to Liu Mei… she returned to the market, beneath the helm, her voice was cold. She asked to speak to me, and we moved to the side. She removed her helm and I could see she had been crying. As I feared, it had not gone well. I was there for her, but in her hour of need, words escaped me… I fear she mistook this for a distance I did not intend. She stormed away, and I followed… when she finally stopped, I tried to speak, she turned on me anger apparent on her face, I fell back momentarily… She cursed, and yelled for me to leave her alone. The hatred burning in her eyes focused for a moment on me and then she turned and left.

Those two faces, of joy and of hatred, haunt me… sometimes seeming to blend into one, I fear… I fear for the ones I love… and a friend that may be forever lost. It will be some time before I sleep easy again…

(*there is a final spill of ink and tears at the bottom of the page*)


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  1. Ahhh, the beginning of a very long journey. It was good to be on it with you, WC.

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