Talia, pt. 3

Weeks have passed… things seem to be returning to normal… Aniya and Galandrias have left Arabel, they are to present themselves before Grandmother… I do not envy their position, though she would never have as much interest in me.

Liu Mei met me in the market, she has begun to heal but the wounds are still there… the scars that no one sees are the worst. We only spoke briefly, but she did let me know she was sorry for how she reacted. My words escaped me again, but (**something is scribbled out**) it is good to know I haven’t lost a friend. She doesn’t speak of it much; I am unsure how much she really knows. She needs more time to heal before fresh wounds are added. (**there is a small droplet stain on the page**)

Business has improved… there was to be a Ball, held by the Militia… Wil & Liv approached me about a matching dress and tunic, it was one of the most in-depth orders I’ve worked on to date. It was also one of the most rewarding. Liv, who is always pleasant to be around, shined with beauty. Her eyes lit up so as to overpower the gold and silk. I wish I could make all my clients as happy; the garments are just cloth and thread… but also held together by love. These are friends I have grown to cherish.

Wil let me know today that the Ball didn’t happen… or he had missed it. The orcs had broken into the city again; there is a weakness in the slums that was never patched up. It started the same time the Ball was to, I fear word got to some spies in the city and they expected Arabel’s finest to have forsaken their post for that pleasure. They were wrong. Many rallied to the defense, as did I, until my arrow supply ran out.

When it was over, the pieces were picked up, and we moved on with our lives in the city. Wil didn’t know the Ball was rescheduled and had never met up with Liv, who was also helping to defend Arabel.


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