Talia, p. 4

I haven’t written of my early days in Arabel, but now that I have this journal, it seems appropriate to do so…

I’ve been in Arabel for a few seasons now. I’ve seen it in sun, rain and snow… as cold as it can be, I think the snow is the most beautiful. Arabel may be the place I can finally call home. I’m ready to stop wandering and finally settle down.

While Arabel has it’s troubles, as all cities do, I’ve found it to be more accepting of outsiders. In the time I’ve been here, I’ve started to think of it as ‘My’ city. (something I cannot say of the other places I’ve passed through.)

I arrived in Arabel to find a city under siege. I had been avoiding the larger settlements long enough I had no current news, and did not realize the wave of Zhentarim was to follow immediately behind. Rather than a city of opportunity, I found a struggle to remove those who had breached the walls in the north. That is long passed now. Needless to say, Arabel survived.

During the war, I met a young woman, almost a girl really. Her story is a tragic one. Seems her father, a priest of Torm, had remained in the siege area. When Zhents broke the line, he barricaded his daughter in the home to save her. They eventually overwhelmed him and he died protecting her. I met her in Central near the North district. Some of the militia had escorted her to safety. The poor girl was still in shock. I was asked to watch over her, I think they were concerned she would try to reach her father’s body. We spoke for a while and I learned of her plight. Emiline, the girl, was despondent. It wasn’t until some wounded were brought back that she made an effort to move. She blessed and healed the warriors as her father must have taught her. It used up her strength, but I could now see the fire of purpose behind her eyes. I escorted her back to an inn where she could get some rest and begin the long process of putting her life back together. I’ve only spoken to her once since, but every time I’ve passed by her around town, I see the strength that has grown out of adversity. I expect she will do much for her faith, and the lives of those she touches.

As peace returned, I had a chance to learn more about my comrades in arms I had fought along side of.

Also, during the war, I witnessed amazing feats of power (by both sides) and that sparked an interest in the arcane. My dear friends have offered me much guidance in this respect. I met a mage, of house Fezznick, Matt, who was kind and generous (and rather charming)… When I expressed my curiosity, he agreed to take me on and tutor me. Our sessions have been limited (he provides texts, but it is mostly studying alone) but a friendship has also grown.

As much as magic, I was also introduced to the fine art of Tailoring. This has become my true passion. My dear friend Liu Mei has gotten me started, and has always been there as a pillar of support. She is also a practitioner of the arcane. This appears to come easy to her (though she claims it is as much work). It was Liu Mei who encouraged me not to give up after the incident in the tower. Seems knowledge gained can also be lost. I nearly cried, and avoided Matt for many days because of it. Once I had told him, he laughed, though kindly, and assured me that such setbacks do happen, advising I shouldn’t give up. I resumed my training with renewed vigor.


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