Talia, p. 6

The days pass on and my work has slowed. There have been inquiries, but either the client is not ready to purchase, or it is for something I cannot as yet do. I need to learn more of leather working, and increase my time studying enchantments, as this is where the demand seems to be. I feel I’ve gotten closer, but have yet to have a success with the imbuing. I also need to pick up more business somehow. I spoke briefly with Liu Mei of my ideas. She was somewhat interested. I’ll need many more completed before I am ready.

Kel Steeler met me in the market, offering me a tour of the Estate. I was excited, but at the same time had to turn her down. I need better promotional sales that do not tie me to the market. I hope I did not leave a poor impression upon Kel. She did return, when I was finished, and we spent the day touring the Estate and talking. The Thond Estate is immense… and the craftsmanship displayed is something to strive for.

I could spend hours in those halls marveling at the rugs and tapestries. Kel showed me their ballroom… it seemed familiar. It dawned on me I had been there once before. I had once joined Set, to attend a wedding. I knew no one there but Set did not wish to go alone. I stayed near the back, as we had arrived only just before it began. It was a beautiful ceremony and I left soon after it ended. Now, looking at the ballroom, it all returned… Kel looked so different in armor, I was embarrassed that I had not recognized her as the beautiful bride of that day, and said nothing.

We returned to the sitting room, and spoke of the duties of the House and some of what I could bring to it. I think Kel was disappointed that my studies had not been pure as either scout or mage… I came to Arabel without plans, I had limited previous exposure to the arcane, but it fascinated me so… I may never achieve the power that one devoted since adolescence would, but I do increase my knowledge nearly every day.

I began to speak briefly of my goals and business. Kel listened politely for a time, and then stopped me, advising that I should include it in my letter. She says she has little interest in business, I hope that was all; I fear the simple plans of a merchant may be below a House of such achievements. If it turns that I am not chosen, I will redouble my efforts and succeed alone, for I truly believe it can work.

When we left the Estate, it was already dark. I couldn’t believe it had been the entire day. I went to an inn to rest, and later returned to the market. I met Val again, though she seemed sad and distracted.  I tried many times to make conversation, but there were constant interruptions that night.  Some time before dawn, Kel arrived, asking us both if we would accompany her to dispatch some ogres along the east way.

(*there is some ink spilled, and the entry is obviously unfinished*)


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