Talia, p. 7

Kel had gathered a group to investigate some ogres. We headed out along the East way… we met with the farmer, who gave us only limited directions. The groups headed out, it was not the most cohesive group, but the conflicts were minor and all worked together. We lost a front line fighter early, not to death; I believe he may have headed back to report after the first encounter… we continued on, which in looking back may not have been the best idea. A larger group of ogres surprised us and broke the line. I remember the huge mass barreling towards the archers… we rolled and ran as the warriors came to our defense… they were stopped, but late… Val had fallen (*tear stain*) the brave Halfling I was only beginning to know looked so fragile. Her body was broken, her spirit fled… (*tear stain*) the blood… I could not tell who’s it was, but it seemed too much to be hers alone. She did not die passively.

We were burdened, and left the body, through Kel saw fit to ensure her belongings were taken care of. We pressed forward, striking out with a vengeance. Perhaps we should have turned back then, but the ogres deserved death for what they had done, and the farmers were counting on us. We found the camp, slew the guards, and completed our rescue… no sooner had we prepared to go then we heard another group returning. Our scout, I didn’t get his name, set traps and we were to lure them in a few at a time… a great plan, but not one we would see fulfilled. The ogres were grouped together, and when alerted we were in their camp, they all charged at once. The traps only slowed them, they did not stop. We were outnumbered and overwhelmed. Warriors stood their ground, but ogres poured past. I scattered… to my shame, while others stood fast, I broke for cover. When the ogres turned to another, I fired. We slew them all, but not without losses. Another warrior, Christina, fell. (*slight smear*) I did not see if it was before or after I ran, for by then they had been surrounded. I wonder, if I had more courage, would she have lived? I sleep less these nights.


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