Talia, p. 15

Disaster struck today. There was a call out for assistance finding a lost man. Sales have yet to pick up, and I’ve been running low on coin, so I answered the call. I should have realized there would be trouble when the organizer commented that archers were as useful as a cow. I followed anyway, my sole consolation is that I gained a little information about travelling. In the caves and Halls it was another story. “Everyone into the breach!” seems a fitting motto. That may work for the strong, or armored, but nearly half our party was lost and enemies continuing to surround us. Those that did survive, barely made it back to Evenstar. *ink pools* and the innocents of the town. Several were killed before the Dragons could intervene. It was a surprise we weren’t arrested on the spot for endangering the public, perhaps they were too busy to recognise the cause. I left the party, shamed. I will be more selective in the future. If that means I find a quiet bench to rest upon until business returns… well, I will do what is needed.


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