Talia, p. 18

I spoke to a Cleric today, about these dreams. He seemed earger to help me find a solution. The answers he provided were more troubling than I expected them to be.

Yosho suggested that the wolves are merely symbols for something else, for something working against me. He said the larger wolf represented the leader. I assured him that I have no enemies, at least none I know of. He seemed to feel this may be a real threat to me and offered to contact a Sir Ector, of his Order. He offered little advice on the third, more troubling dream. I hope Sir Ector has more knowledge.

After Yosho left, I sat by the fire thinking of what he had said. Some force, some opponent, I can think of none. I work with anyone, and get along well with the other crafters and my clients. That he thought the large wolf was someone I know… again, there are no leader figures in my life at this time…. unless *ink pools*… he coulnd’t possibly be thinking of Vadal. While Master Vadal has been distant, I hardly think of him as an opponent. But I can think of no other leader having influence on what I do. If Vadal is the wolf.. then that means the rest of the pack… *ink pools and smears* No… I can’t beleive the entire League has turned against me. Not Sindy, not Ingavar. They’ve always been there to help… and yet… it wasn’t them who I awoke to in the Temple, but strangers instead.

It hurts to think this could be true… or even that my mind could suspect it. I must speak with Sindy, she surely will know of Vadal’s intent.


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