Talia, p. 19

*the entry is written in a shaky hand, with tiny droplets and smearings of blood*

I spoke with Sindy the other day. She was very reassuring about Vadal and the League. He is distant, away on business, but there is no reason to fear he may actually be working against us. Sindy is still a dear friend, one I can trust, and while I have not seen Ingavar in some time, I feel the same towards her. What ever may happen with the League, I know we will still be friends.

I spoke with Sindy regarding the dreams. She seemed concerned and listened, offering no solutions or explanations. I found that oddly more comforting than the cleric that tried to help before. Sindy asked if I was marked and I assured her I was not. I had spoken with Ella just few days before she disappeared, and understood where Sindy was going. I don’t feel they’re related. There is no woman, no music in my dreams, only the wolves. I’ve not had the ‘other’ dream since that one night. The wolf dreams continues to haunt my sleep irregularly. I told Sindy of Ella’s conversation, of her seeking help from Cordova. Sindy says she knows Cordova and will speak with her on my behalf. There is some irony that Cordova is now also a client of mine, a simple order for a cloak. However, I will not bring it up, better for Sindy to do that.

The dreams still come, and I wake in fear. I’ve never felt so helpless. I wandered out after one restless night and found myself in the Mage’s Guild. There before me was the training room. I’m not sure what possesed me, but I charged the combat dummy in a rage. I had no weapons except for the bow, so I tore at it with my bare hands, pounding it until it was only a pile of splinters. I sat down, exhausted, my hands cut and bleeding. It gave me a feeling of control again, of power… of security. Often now, after working at the shop, I’ll come down here to the basement. The nightmares still come, but I find I’m less afraid when I wake.


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