Talia, p. 21

Hunger drove me from my room today. This dream has lasted what seem days. I am weak, I keep to the shadows. Outside, the night seems normal. It is snowing. I feel the coldness of the flakes as they land on my face. There are others outside, none seem to see me, or care of my passing. I begin to have my doubts. No dream has been as this before. Perhaps it is not a dream. That frightens me. Not only that this is real… that there may be truth in words of Sindy’s death… what frightens me most is that I may have lost my senses… that I see no difference in the waking and dreaming worlds.

I need to find Cordova. Sindy was to speak with her. If she has, perhaps Cordova will have some answers. If Sindy hasn’t… then perhaps there is truth to the letter crumbled in my bag. And what if this is truly a dream? If so, then I may indeed be lost with no way back.


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