Talia, p. 23

I overheard a group of halflings talking in the Dragon. It seems Sindy is alive, though worse for wear. The rumors of her death… or murder… seem to hold some truth. I hope she returns soon, but not before she is ready. Then mind does mend as quickly as the body. I still have yet to speak with Cordova. My sending yesterday was unanswered, her silence is just as troubling.

New troubles have arrisen. In the market with a client, I heard a sending claiming that Cleo had been arrested. The sender obviously did not agree with whatever the charges were. I was a bit concerned myself, so upon finishing my business, I made my way to the jail. I’m not sure what I was hoping to accomplish. I think I just wanted to know for myself what she was involved in. The guards were less than pleased with having a visitor. I saw Cleo in a cell, but as she spotted me and called me over, the guard demanded I leave. I tried to ask if visitors would be allowed, but before I could speak, another guard arrived and threatened to have me forcibly removed. I had no wish to speak with Cleo from her side of the bars, so I left.

Before I was out the door, I heard another inmate shouting something at the guards that disturbs me still. “I fear it is too late to fix what Cordova broke..that murderer should be in here not me.” The cell doors then closed, and I could hear nothing else of it. What is it that Cordova broke? Is she the murderer that this man speaks of, or was he refering to a third person.

It seems recently, my life has not been as simple as it used to be. There is more going on around besides just my business. So much more. There are shadows everywhere now, and I’m just beginning to see that they are all connected.

I was sitting at the edge of the market, trying to sort it all out, when I had another visit. Elsbeth came up to me where I was sitting. I only half recognized her at first, but it was obvious she remembered me. She spoke of my wounds and seemed concerned, yet I don’t think it was the cuts on my hands that troubled her. When I mentioned dreams, she became very alert, very interested. And then, Anien arrived, greeting me in the same fashion Elsbeth had. Elsbeth made to excuse herself, I said goodbye, and Anien looked at me confused. Elsbeth was gone, and I wonder if she had really been there. Another waking dream perhaps? Only this time it was in the market, with others around. Still, dream or no, she said she was knowledgeable of jackals. If I seek guidence from my dreams, does that make me crazy?


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