Talia, p. 25

(*written simply, with care*)

I saw Liman yesterday. He didn’t seem well, so I coaxed him out of the rain and up to sit by the fire. We spoke for a while, him mostly listening. We talked of dreams, of friends and trust. He was adamant that I need to believe… in myself, in my friends. To replace the trust I once had that now seems lost. I don’t know if it is the trust that was lost, or only the trusted. So many have disppeared recently. He gave me confidence, enough to search for the answers I had been avoiding.

I called out for Elsbeth, my friend, my dream, and I waited. Time passed as I sat by the fire. I thought another question was to pass unanswered and suddenly Elsbeth was there. “You think me to be a dream?” she whispered. At that moment, I was positive of it. She spoke of shadows. Not the threatening shadows I have been plagued with, but shadows that protect. We spoke also of my dreams, the nightmares and the jackal. I know now, she is real, and was real. Too much of what I doubted was real. There is something about her, something just beyond my grasp. I could learn much from her, given time.

Later that evening, I was in the market, delivering a cloak, when I bumped into Cordova. Talking in the Traveller later, I asked of Sindy, but learned nothing new. When I spoke of the dreams, of the strange place, Cordova finished much of the description for me. My jaw dropped. She not only knew of this place, but had actually been there. That was a comfort of sorts, that I’m not just going mad. We also spoke of the jackal. Cordova thought it may be someone called Shegra, from the stonelands. She’s knows little of him and suggested I talk with Lionar Myers of the Purple Dragons for more information. Something about it doesn’t ring of truth, I will not seek him immediately.


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