Talia, p. 27

I was walking through Central today, when I heard the sounds of fighting between the Baths and the Pride. There was a man, and two or three guards, fighting off some strange creature. I’ve only seen such a creature once before. A matted grey fur covering it’s hunched form. It moved with a deadly speed. Without thinking, I found the bow in my hands, arrow already loosed. It struck home, as did the second, and the creature fell. The man ran off, the guards checked the area. It all happened so quickly.

I was still in a bit of shock at it all, and tried to follow the man, but by the time I reached the other side of the Pride, he was nowhere to be seen. I heard others calling of were-rats to the south. I can only guess that is was the creature was. It has been so long, it seems like another life time when I saw the first one, out by Mardo’s. *ink pools slightly* only then, it was attacking the wolves. I’m not sure what this means, happening in the city, but I know it was not a dream.


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