Talia, p. 28

* written hastily, ink smudged slightly *

was it only this morning that I wrote of the creature? This evening, just before dusk, the market was attacked. Swarms of these creatures boiled up from the sewers. Several merchants fell, as did a few of those defending them. The twisted forms kept coming. Again, my bow was out before I could think, my heart pounding in my ears. I loosed arrow after arrow, some fell by my hands, some by others. There was no coordination in the attack, they seemed little better than animals. And then another stepped from behind the market stalls. I didn’t recognise the familiar tingle at first, then I saw power issuing forth from it’s hands. This creature had knowledge of the arcane. They are more dangerous than I thought at first. It seems there is much more to this than just a bad feeling.


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