Talia, p. 31

*Written in a shaky hand, a few minor smears from ale have been written around.*

What have I been connected with now? The shadows of my dreams have been spreading, their fingers weaving in and out of my thoughts and my being. I thought it was just a dream, I thought it had no other meaning. But there are shadows in life now as well. Some are darker than others, some seem benign, but they all connect in ways I’ve yet to understand.

A piece of my past comes back, haunting me in unexpected ways. I was in the market; a War Wizard paused next to me, looking over some papers. I smiled, then felt my jaw grow slack as I heard “Capital Crimes”.  The market was gone; I was staring at the barred gate of a small cell. There must have been a mistake. But as they proceeded with questions, I felt the shadows on the edges. They were moving, growing restless. There was a hunger there, a thirst. Had I strayed so far from my path? Had this all been for naught? One careless misstep that brought everything crashing down again? But no, then it was over. As quick as it had begun, I was told I was free to go.

Free to go… but not free. They could return at any time, and there is nothing I could do for it. If the answers are not enough, what else do I have to give? I await my Shadow, and her comfort. She offered earlier that we would speak of this, but she has yet to arrive. Searching will yield nothing, I know, she will find me when she is ready. So I wait.


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