Al-Most There!!

Al-Most There!!

*sigh* It’s been a long month, and I am sooo damn tired. And as far as story goes, will be lucky if I’ve reached the halfway point. It’s rather hard to tell. This thing has evolved into much more than I expected. but for November, all we care about is wordcount. It’s the 27th, and I’m at 48.5k… woot. I’ll finish tomorrow! (now, off to bed)

Looking forward to more indepth return to Arabel next weekend… (tho I did cheat a little and grab several hours this past weekend.)


2 Responses

  1. You did good! I only hit 25k or so for mine when I did it (2008, I think). It was a good story, but I think I’ll finish it as a play some day.

    Did you do anything with your story after NanoWriMo?

  2. I’ve continued working on it, slowly… ever so slowly. I’m still working out the overall story arc. Ironically, I’m finding that the character of Julie is taking a larger role than Talia… and Talia was suppose to be the main character. I need to balance that out somehow.

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