Talia, p. 35

*the writing is scrawled, shakily. Several ink and ale spills mar the page, leaving much of it unreadable.*

The shadow has returned. A*****na has confirmed it is him. She also spoke
of disturbing connections. ***an see the threads as they spread out, but I
don** **** to believe what they connect to. I need to meet *******r, to ask
t*ese q***tions. The answers… I don’t want to *hink ***t *****nswers
may mean. My support, my foundation is crum****g. ** disco**r it was
never there to begin with? That would leave me w*t* n***ing. Perhaps I
was right when I spoke t* *****ar. Perhaps I am better *ff alone. Sh**has
offered to meet me, ** **wa**. *****ng me ‘sweete*t’ again, is that a *****s
well? I question every**ing again, and everyone. Is th**e no one I c** trust?


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