Talia, p. 45

*written with a quickness, as if I in anger*

It is all lies and deception! She came to me, bearing my own silk, having the nerve to say I was unworthy. As if she can judge one gift more valuable than another. And she knew, when she spoke to me before, that I was searching, before my loss. I had already received the letter directing me to the ‘other’, and they were no help at all. Now she would say she was ‘mistaken’?

And Angel? What have you done? Henry says it is his fault, and Khasim spoke of betrayal. Are you acting of your own, or are you just another’s pawn? Is that what she is looking for? Someone easily manipulated to do her bidding? Khasim tried that once, and it nearly cost me my life. But I’ve learned from it, more than I ever wanted. And if He tries anything, or any of them, they may find my blade faster than they remember.


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