Talia, p. 46

I’ve made my peace with Angel, whether she accepts it or not. Even if she were to get out of this somehow, things could never be as they were.  But she won’t.  I’m not sure which hurts more, the loss of her life, or the loss of a friend.  Memories are all I have now, and they do not fill the hollow left behind.  This presence on my finger is bittersweet, reminding me of the good and the bad. Can I choose one over the other?  If I ignore the duality, will it fade away?

*A smaller piece of parchment is included with this page. The writing is less clear, smudged by drops, corrections scribbled out in many places. The parchment is affixed with a blood-red wax, with the indentation of a simple ring pressed sideways, leaving only a circle.*


I hope the guards see fit to deliver this to you, and that you are willing
to read. I cannot fathom why you acted as you did, each one I talk to
offers differing pieces of information, none of which fits together. I know
there is more there, but even were I to talk to you, I doubt I could trust
it to be wholly truth. When one is cloaked in so many layers they can
become lost, even to themselves. I do not hate you, I am not even sure
I blame you. You were a friend, if nothing more, but for the time it was
all I asked. That is how I will try and remember you. As a friend.
I will keep your ring, and your memory, always.



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