Talia, p. 52

Shara spoke with me about the dreams. She has a talent I may be hard pressed not to seek out again. I dared not speak to her of Vorel’s connection to Him. I fear I may have already said too much. Would she act in that way for Him? She was not the one my dreams warned me of before they fled, but it was that night that they disappeared. I promised to share that last dream with no one. If Elsbeth is that concerned, there must be danger. She would not have demanded so idly. Or was it Vorel that gave me the warning, only to have me fall under His notice? Was that the purpose of the gem? It is a question I cannot ask her, and Elsbeth has been distant for some time. I’ve received word He is back in Arabel, but must wait for her to meet him, unless he will come to me. I’m not sure I wish to see him alone… if it is true he knows, then I am in more danger than either of them suspect.


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