Talia, p. 56

I should have known when my dreams returned that the wolves would as well. There were three waiting for me near the windmill as I returned from the east. Three! All large and menacing. I did not get close enough to see the fire in their eyes, but I could feel it burning as I snuck past. Some poor halfling was not so fortunate. I sent a summons for help, and surprisingly, it came. And not just any help, a City Guard, a Purple Dragon, and two I believe were of the Green Dragons. Perhaps I judged their involvement too quickly… and yet… they hesitated to leave, asking the same questions I had already answered. It didn’t seem they were stalling, yet… we did not move until others had arrived. Vorel was there as well… but turned to go when I saw her, uttering “Good luck, Talia.”  I was too caught up in the moment, I don’t know what to think of that.

We barely made it to the first bridge when we met another party. The guards questioned, and they claimed the wolves had been dealt with. I only wish I could have seen their hides to know for sure. As we started to disperse, a figure ran towards the gates, a huge wolf in pursuit. They do not normally come this close to the city walls. He claimed to have killed five himself. If the numbers were true, that would mean no less than eight were close by, all large. Most packs are lead by these, rarely do they pack together. What this implies frightens me. Could there possibly be over one hundred this close to Arablel? That can only mean one thing… they are searching… hunting…


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