Talia, p. 55

He answered my call for the robes. Vorel was with him, as was another. That Elsbeth did not make her presence known was most troubling. I would like to think the sendings were obvious, and that had she been able to she would have been there. It is possible she was, yet remained cloaked. However, why would she not reveal herself after? Vorel indicated she has been away for some time, I am not the only one to feel her absence.

Is she traveling, or has something befallen her? I should put pen to paper for her, she has always responded, but the words escape me. The feelings I had, they are still there, but now… do I fear her acceptance, or the lack of that… or perhaps I fear both and what they each imply.

As for Him, I’ve only one to complete, once I decide on colors, and then I can distance myself from them. Stories of other happenings trickle by. Things I would rather not become involved in.


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