Talia, p. 57

* there are light drops and smudges on the page, but it is otherwise written in a clear hand *

She summoned me, just as I had begun to doubt her. Events all around are beginning to swirl. She says it is time to act, and for once I feel I understand. To think that life can ever remain simple… peaceful… is horribly naive, and yet that is exactly what I let myself believe for so long. She has some confidence in Him, yet I cannot bring myself to extend trust that far. My own dreams have warned me of that. And the other? I’ve not doubted as much, but she says that one is a greater danger. And so she leaves me, not alone, but sworn to secrecy. The one she has allowed as safe… that I should speak to in need… that one has barely acknowledged that I exist. They too have power, more that I can imagine. Would it be better to seek them out, or to avoid them entirely?


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