Talia, p. 61

I have done it. He took the last gown from me in central. Vorel had come as well, but I don’t think she knew it to be hers. Liman had followed, but disappeared when I could have used his support. He’s a frustrating man at times, but still a friend. We started the journey east, and before we lost sight of the city gates were attacked by shadows. They were similar to those in my dreams of the chamber, but they moved with a deadly speed, casting the land into darkness as they appeared. Then just as quickly as they attacked, they were gone. Liman and I were in shock. Shara explained it as a rip, or a tear, similar to a sheet of silk holding a jar full of beads. Cut a small hole, and a few pour through… but who is cutting? On our return from Mardo’s we were attacked by kobolds, or they were attacked. I failed to locate them.. allowing the others to fend off the blows. Some hunter I will be… yet I have the posters up, and the wolves remain just as bold. We shall see.


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