The dance of wings (Talia, p. 65)

The field, the stream and the lake. Two figures walking hand in hand. Birds are singing overhead, a few lush green trees sprinkled around the meadow. The warm sun plays across their skin as they move. She laughs, pulling the other’s hand, leading her in a run to the water’s edge. They collapse in each other’s arms, short on breath. Taking a moment to stare deep into those eyes, she leans down for the softest kiss and speaks.

“Never leave me, Love.”

That gentle hand brushes her cheek, pushing the stray hair from her eyes. “I never will.”  Their smile is shared. A long moment passes with no words, just a look, a caress.

Above, the air fills silently with hundreds of fluttering wings. Butterflies of all colors swirl about. The pair lies on their backs, fingers entwined, enraptured by the dance and display. She lifts her free hand slowly, into the dancing cloud, as does the other, soft laughter the only sound. The wings beat against them, softer than silk, softer than breath. Lowering their hands, the swirling wings follow. Each wing a kiss against their skin. As she lies there, the cloud begins to disperse, the butterflies settling on the grass around them. The other turns to face her, a few having found their place in her radiant red hair. Lifting that hand up again to touch her face, she sees love reflected in those eyes.

A butterfly lands on her hand, catching the other’s attention a moment. Its wings beat slowly and something in the other’s expression changes.

“There is a way…”  spoken quietly “that we would never be apart…”  the wings shimmer in the sun. Her response is not verbal, just a squeeze of her hand and a light in her eyes. The other smiles in acknowledgment, their lips meeting again.

The butterfly’s wings beat faster, a hundred others around moving in unison. In moments they are filling the air about the couple. Where there were once only hundreds, now thousands dance. They swirl and dive, separate currents of color. Where the fluttering touches their skin, it leaves a soft glow. The very air around them is alive with energy.

“My love… my all… my everything…”  The light increases, casting shadows amongst the trees. Their skin afire with radiance brighter than the sun. She sees those eyes of love looking back, looking into her and she is open. No words spoken, only a thought shared between them “my love… forever…”

In an instant the pair is gone. At the center of the dance, a lone figure burning bright as a thousand suns rises within the beating wings, its arms wrapped round itself in a single embrace. Each pair of wings pulses in time, now millions, further than the eye could see. The radiant glow of each the stars of the universe of those that have gone before. The meadow gone, the light encompassing everything, spread out, an eternity.

And then the light is gone, the couple standing in the empty field, each an arm around the other, hands cupped together. She looks into those eyes, smiling.

They lift their cupped hands, and opening together, a single glowing butterfly tests its wings then lifts into the air to join the stars above.


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