Talia, p. 67

They closed the Enclave today. I know Vorel was not there; she was with me in the market when the sending went out. I was puzzled to the reason, but she made a comment that connected it all. She was worried it might be because of Him. That He had mentioned something was to happen in three days, and that time was now today. That also means Elsbeth spoke to me on the same day, but did Vorel really know the importance, or did He keep secrets from her as well?

How many of us really decide our own fates, if any? Some fight, some are resigned, but those who struggle, do they really change what would have been, or is the struggle merely part of the larger design. Of fate, or destiny, can there be change, or only the knowledge of the path set before us?

The Enclave opened an hour later. And fate or no, something was decided. I was free. The presence that had lingered, it was finally gone. He was gone. And yet, I cannot bring myself to feel happy about it. Relieved to be sure, but I find no joy in death, even of one I feared.


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