Talia, p. 69

I met with Ella today. Liman, Vorel and I had met with some wizard about a game called ‘chess’, but he seemed disinterested in us, so we went to warm by the fire. Farshid was there as well. I let Ella know I was closing the League. It seemed only fair that she hear it from me, being we were the only two left. She offered encouragement, but I think she knew the League had been doomed for some time, only too polite to tell me. After closing the boxes, only one thing remains, but that is a goodbye I will make another day.

But then He arrived, disrupting our gathering. He was rude, as often, but once away from the crowd he was nearly apologetic. The recent changes have upset us all. The uncertainty of what is to come weighs heavy on every heart, even one as black as his. He was requesting I make a tunic for a dancer. One that will perform for Her. I know just the thing. Something from designs long past. Something I might have worn myself, had things been different. While I care not for Him, if the order is for Her, I will make it with love.

Later this evening we sat together to listen to the Battle of the Bards. Jamie has a beautiful voice, and tells a wonderful tale, but Ella… Ella is lilting, moving and haunting. When she sings, my emotions are pulled along with her, as if I am not listening, but partaking in the events. It broke my heart to hear her tale, but not in the raw unhealing sense. These tales, they are more intoxicating than ale has ever been. Perhaps the other bards of the city would answer a fireside call.


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