Talia, p. 72

What do I want? What is it I seek? I spoke with Vorel. She was bothered that I avoid my dreams… avoid ‘those’ dreams. She speaks as if that one is still waiting for me, impatient and perhaps angered that I would now shun contact. I don’t know myself what I would hope to learn from it. I am happy, yet I can’t help but feel something is missing.

Shara reminded me of the words of another. Of trust… given & lost. She is right… she has the wisdom of years I have not, but still I wonder. And then, before she left again, she asked me… if there were a way… would I have a family? I had never considered. My path had seemed set at an early age. I told her I would think on it.

I went to the market then, passing through when I saw her. My first friend in Arabel… memories of the past overwhelmed me then and to both our surprise I embraced her in my arms, a hug of pure friendship. I spoke of my troubles, of feeling lost… then she told me. She is to be married! The joy in hearing that washed the rest away. She is happy, I am happy for her. It will be a special occasion! I’ve already begun work on the finest gown. It will be a work to surpass all my others, for I could give nothing less to her.


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