Talia, p. 75

I dream of the woman still, but it is not the same. It is an echo… a memory. I think I if only knew where, I could reach her. Perhaps one of the city librarians can assist.

And then today Trystan spoke of my second shadow.  He had left me alone so long I let myself believe he was gone. I have yet to see him lurking in the shadows, but he never was direct before.  I find myself looking over my shoulder wherever I go now… but I see nothing.

And then a friend made an odd request.  That I should visit the Thayans again if she failed to return in the morning.  I’ve no desire to go there, but when a life may be at stake, how can I refuse?

My dreams trouble me still. If only I understood what they are warning me of.  Vorel came to me in the market.  With everything else these past few days I can’t help but think she is connected.  She wears red, but she is not the woman in my dreams.  She never spoke of Him, her interest was in me.  She talks of destiny, but mine has never been clear to me.  I didn’t speak to her of the bow, but rather found myself baiting her with memories of my fiery chains.  Rather than talk on it, she excused herself to go.  Could she really have had no involvement? If she had no knowledge I would have expected her to at least be curious. It is still unclear to me.

Talia, p. 74

I was there again, last night. It has been nearly a year since I first visited the dream that is not a dream.  This time, I was not afraid, at least not as much. The shadows still walked those halls, still seemingly unaware as I passed by.  The halls continued on forever it seemed, twisting and turning, at times leading back where I had come from. I was awake in this dream for what seemed like hours. I was weary, exhausted. All of my burdens still weighed down on me. When I thought I could no longer continue, I came to it.  Another light.  I felt drawn to it, it was irresistible. And then I saw her… walking in another hall.  She spoke, her voice a pure bell ringing in the darkness.  She stepped forward, into the light, and disappeared… the light disappeared as well, plunging me into darkness…

And then I woke in my room. Who was she? I must find her.