Talia, p. 74

I was there again, last night. It has been nearly a year since I first visited the dream that is not a dream.  This time, I was not afraid, at least not as much. The shadows still walked those halls, still seemingly unaware as I passed by.  The halls continued on forever it seemed, twisting and turning, at times leading back where I had come from. I was awake in this dream for what seemed like hours. I was weary, exhausted. All of my burdens still weighed down on me. When I thought I could no longer continue, I came to it.  Another light.  I felt drawn to it, it was irresistible. And then I saw her… walking in another hall.  She spoke, her voice a pure bell ringing in the darkness.  She stepped forward, into the light, and disappeared… the light disappeared as well, plunging me into darkness…

And then I woke in my room. Who was she? I must find her.


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