Talia, p. 76

We left the city in a rush. I should not have delayed so long in Flynn. She was worried for me. I find I cannot hide my distress from her, but she has allowed me time when she knew I was unready. That meant so much to me. Our trip was to have been peaceful, a simple relaxing visit to her home, but the cloud of my thoughts followed.

Vorel had found me… I heard her voice by the fire, but saw her not. She said she was leaving, and wished me well. I still had questions, I stood, asking her to stay, and saw Trystan approaching.  She was already gone.  So we sat and spoke.  His words left me more bewildered. Trystan claimed many things, that he could speak to this D.E. to halt my second shadow.  He also spoke of her, my first, and that was less comforting.  What he said of Vorel… I scarcely wanted to believe, but he couldn’t have know my concerns, my dreams, or the warnings my shadow had given me of her.

It all seemed to suddenly connect, to fit together, all of the threads I had seen that were stray or tangles, they wove together showing the pattern before my eyes as if it was a simple piece of cloth.

The trip to Flynn was a blur, skirting wolves and ogres in my path, I remember very little until I reached the cold inn door.  Pushing through, there she was, sitting with another.

I now knew what she had done, but I wanted to hear it from her, I wanted to hear why. I thought she was feigning again, the confusion, the hurt in her voice almost sounded real.  I doubted… for just a moment.  It was the other, whispering along side us that calmed me down.  I was so tired.

It was then that I noticed the change.  She had always had a certain heat about her, an internal fire… one my say her spirit… but this…

She spoke of our shadow… and of Elsbeth… I thought it was another lie and said as much, but the letters she had… I knew that hand better than my own.  She was hiding, afraid… it was a side I never saw.  She had been my strength, for a time, and now Vorel offered the same protection.

I have my protection… it sleeps beside me now. And yet I can’t help but worry of the wall I’ve let grow here.  Two days on the road, and she has not pressed me.  I even hide at night.  Her concern is now tinged with pain, and feeling that, knowing that I am the cause, is more than I can bear.  I will speak with her in the morning, before we head out.  I can no more push her away than I could cut out a part of myself.  What ever is to come of this, it is something we will face together.


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