Talia, p. 77

I arrived at the inn late last night.  I am still weary even after a night’s rest.  Shortly after taking my room there was a knock at the door.  I hadn’t even had time to remove my cloak, but it was only Tris, bearing a single letter left in my absence.

It was a note from Trystan.  What could he want that would not have waited until I visisted the box at the Traveller?  Sitting on the bed again, I opened it carefully.  Trystan wrote of Him, of having reached an agreement.  I find it hard to believe he would trust him so.  And that he also seeks Elsbeth and Trystan was able to meet with her.  I hope he is not fool enough to lead Khasim to her.  I don’t know who to trust now.  I have not doubted Trystan’s intentions, only his wisdom.

And for the past month, thoughts of her have colored my dreams.  The others seem insignificant to finding the woman in red.  It is time I ventured out, into the dreams I once called my own.


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