Talia, p. 78

I was there again last night.  The halls have become familiar to me now.  The shadows seemed less frequent, and they still ignored my passing.  It is as if they accept that I am supposed to be there.  I followed the colored flames, their eerie light still lacking heat.  I passed through new doors and saw portals along the way… but I did not stop until I returned to the chamber.  The light beckoned me and I stepped forward.  It was then that the dream took me.

I saw her again… walking another hall.  I tried to call out to her, but I had no voice… no form.  I can see into her dreams but I cannot reach her.  Perhaps in time.

I woke in the Traveler.  The candle sputtering. I need to find her, she must be somewhere nearby, for I only dreamed in this way after I returned to Arabel.

With only the knowledge of what I saw, I made a call for help, for guidance, to meet me in the market.

When I arrived, Ella was there.  She had been there when Sindy first sent me to Cordova.  She knew of some dreams.  She spoke of the woman in red as if she had met her before.  She says she will help me, and has directed me to another that might help as well.

I can see into her dreams, and at times she walks in mine.  She must know of the wolves, of their threat. If I could only meet her I know she could help me understand.  As for the Dragon… I have heard no rumblings in some time.


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