Talia, p. 80

Last night Trystan asked to speak with me and we headed to the upstairs of the Dragon.  I was distracted by a young elf, sitting with a group on the couches.  I could only hear fragments, but she was speaking of a dream, or singing.  It sounded similar to tales I heard from Ella and others a year ago.  Could this young one also share a connection to the lady in red?  I nearly got out of my seat and walked over to ask, but no, not in front of the others.  I will seek her out at a later time.

As for Trystan… Trystan was concerned, for my safety, for… I’m not sure if he even knows.  He warned me away again, from Vorel, from Charir… I know I should not trust them, but if they know, if they can help… I did not share with Trystan about Charir’s ‘vision’, I’m sure Abirik told him what he could remember, or what he thought was important.  Instead, we spoke of my dreams, and the Elvin girl on the couch.  I was surprised when he described the halls to me.  He had been there himself at one time.  He said the shadows fought him, but they have always left me alone.  Is it possible he was not supposed to be there?  They allowed me to pass unhindered, they may be her guards, her gatekeepers.  Surely she is expecting me, she wants me to find her.

I found the Elvin girl in the market today.  Nell introduced us.  She seemed excited for a chance to sit and talk, or perhaps it was the prospect of ale.  As she began her tale, she stated this was a dream she had always had, that it was always the same, and that she had had no other.  Doubt threatened to make me speak, but I held my tongue.  If she has always had this dream, it surely couldn’t be the same woman I am looking for.  I was not to find out.  Before she could say more, she received a summons, and bounded from her chair with a youthful exuberance.  She agreed to talk another time, but I am less hopeful.  But then, I still need to meet with Sigrin.


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