Naradra, pt. 3

We’ve done it. Orius is back. The Mummy Lord kept its word and brought back Orius and Desin in exchange for lifting its curse. We returned Orius to Ell’s Castle without further incident. He wished to speak with us before returning to the palace. This Red Eye is worse than I had feared. It is not a man, but the helm itself. Were it ever to sit on my head… I shudder to think what that would be like. But it still needs a man to act, and men can be killed. It has toyed with us more than once, but I cannot expect it will misjudge us again. If they can help us… if they will help us. I’ve doubts of Orius’s tale. I fear they may have unleashed it by intent. If so, they are as great an enemy as Red Eye. I am finding it harder to trust anyone with each passing day.

And Terri, what of him? His son Raynor is young and carefree. His life on the farm will not be a bad one and yet, I can already see in him a potential for more. He may be a great warrior one day, if given the chance. If worlds were different, I could be his mentor. His captain. He will grow strong. But his mother? I had thought of children someday, but not for a century or more. And with one that will grow so quickly?

Terri asked first only for his son, but now he speaks of more. He speaks of love. How can he say such to someone he barely knows. He talks of months as if it were a long time, and yet, it is not so short as I once thought. Those thoughts have clouded his judgment and now they threaten to cloud mine as well.

If I told him I was promised? If I claimed another held my love, would he cease this assault on my heart? Would he believe me? He asks of me something I cannot yet give, something he cannot truly take. Which do I fear more? His love? Or his anger?

Humans burn so brightly with their passions, but that flame can quickly turn and devour as well.

Is it fear that makes me armor myself against him so?


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