Talia, p. 82

It seems bandits are everywhere.  When I returned to Mardo’s shop, they were waiting behind, but did not see me.  Heading west on the road to Arabel, two more groups were waiting.  I almost did not see the first in time, but warned of them, I avoided the others.  I was surprised at first to see one standing with a wolf, but it is clearer now that they are working together.

Near the old windmill, I came across a different scene.  Two retainers in green armor, standing over two beaten men.  I should have kept walking, but curiosity got the best of me and I crept, hidden in shadows, behind the boulder at the bend in the stream.  Could their claims be true?  Was one of them actually a werewolf?  That would explain so much, with the bandits stalking me now where the wolves once did.  The implications are fearsome to be sure.  Why have they taken an interest in me?  I was not to find out.  Another group attacked from behind, I was knocked to the ground before I knew what happened.  When I woke, the retainers helped me up.  The one claiming to be a werewolf lay dead.  It seems the bandits will kill their own, rather than have their secrets exposed.

I was too dazed to speak much, but I will need to talk with the retainer again about this.


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