Talia, p. 83

A stranger bumped into me in the market today.  He asked if I could appraise a fine article.  He also asked if it was a work I recognized.  The helm was exquisite and held my attention more than the man.  I wish now I had paid more attention to who he was.  As he was leaving, I noticed the inner pocket on my cloak was open.  Inside I found an unfamiliar sealed letter.  I looked up to find him, but he was already gone.  I waited until I returned to the inn to open the letter.

The words were unfamiliar.  It was obviously intended for another, but one name burned on the page before my eyes.  She was looking, or they were, but for another.  I moved the letter to the bottom of my pack and returned to the shop.  Waiting on the steps I found an unexpected present from my Shadow.  If she was about and the other was also… to try and warn her could just as well be springing a trap.

What do I do?  If they think I am another, they cannot know my connection to her.  Perhaps a meeting with the stranger and I can learn.


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