Naradra, pt. 4

I met with Jake today. We were able to stop by the farm. Young Raynor came out to visit briefly before returning to the cottage. He really is a sweet child. The little ones tend the farm, but the boy needs more than that.

We returned to Lazareth before investigating the graveyard. The dead were restless, the hand of the Lich was evident everywhere. A darkness would often surround us, one even my necklace could not pierce. On the edges I found easier prey, but I often fought what I could not see, until terror overwhelmed me. I do not know why the glowing eyes of the mummy affect me so when the others do not, but I ran. Ran and cowered to my shame, until I returned to my senses. And then we found him… or rather, he found us. The Lich spoke as if this was part of Red Eye’s plan. The rest happened so fast. I was unsure who stuck first, but the Lich was destroyed… and all three of the others had fallen. With no healer I was at a loss. Would they cling enough to life for the potion to take effect?

Kneeling down, cradling Terri’s head in my hand I waited. He looked so different this way… he looked almost… vulnerable. If he didn’t wake… but no, his eyes flittered open, and he rolled to his side, coughing. The others around me began moving as well.

As we returned to the farm, I walked in silence. The thought that I would lose Jake or Nero still weighing heavy on me… but Terri, why did that sting me so? He has been troublesome of late. Again in Lazareth I placed myself between Sailun and him, for fear he would assault her in the street. He is arrogant. He sees force as the first alternative. If that is all he understands he will continue to test my patience.

Red Eye attacked us on the road to Ell’s Castle, but this time did not escape. He fell, as did a little one. And Terri almost beat Nero senseless trying to get him to relinquish the helm. He refused to hand it over to any but myself, and while that seemed sensible at the time… I wish I had never touched the cursed thing. There is blood on my hands now, I felt each strike as I made it. I was a danger to all of them. It was foolish of me.

And was it all for naught? Terrabolt attempted to destroy the helm, and now it is on the loose again. Each time we face it, it seems stronger, more prepared. If we cannot find what we need on the Isle, all may be lost.

And what of Terri… *the ink pools and trails off, the thought unfinished*


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