Naradra, pt. 6

*written in a less clear hand*

I sat in my room, facing the window, when I heard a light scraping behind me. The barest of whispers, really. Turning slowly, my breath caught as I stared down at the coiled viper. Its fangs glistened with liquid death, poised to strike. Carefully, never taking my eyes from it, never blinking, I reached for the blade at my side. It watched, not moving, seeming almost to grin. Gripping the handle tightly, I tensed. I knew I would only have one chance. Twisting and diving, flashing steel in the light from the window, I lunged… and with a skill found only in desperation, drove the tip of the blade down into the head of the viper, pinning it to the floor. It didn’t move, it didn’t even twitch. There was no blood. The steel was sunk nearly an inch into the wood, and I saw no viper. There was nothing there, except a folded parchment. A letter, written in an all too familiar hand. I pushed back to the wall, leaving it pinned to the floor. My answers will come soon enough.


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