Talia, p. 85

There has still been no word from the stranger, but now I am reluctant to write again.  Another came up to me near the inn today, expressing sympathy and relief that I was seemingly okay.  Her words were too close to that of the letter.  Who do they think I am, and how did I, or how did the other woman die?  And a brother, dead as well?  I invited her to sit by the fire, she seemed very open to talk and understanding of my ‘confused’ state.  Her name is Mashai… but I learned little about ‘myself.’  There was an attack in the woods, but was it another place she actually fell?  Yosho’s sending brought back dark memories, how I thought I had finally escaped that name.  Mashai felt me tense, but I think she misunderstood because she offered me protection.  It was later, when talking of names that I learned she knew me as ‘Trip’… an odd name to be sure.  And some of her friends… my friends… I know, if only in passing.  Will they be helpful in this puzzle, or expose this confusion and facade?

Mashai seems nice, as does the other we know, but that letter still hidden speaks of dangers I’d rather not face… would they stay if they knew?  Are they as much a threat?  Wolves hidden beneath lambskin?

I’m not sure who to trust with this.


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