Naradra, pt. 9

I can no longer deny my feelings… but neither can I bring myself to trust him. Trust… such a simple word, and yet… so complex. Do I really trust any of them? Should they any longer trust me? Perhaps the old man is the closest, he doesn’t seem to have the ulterior motives of the others. Or perhaps he’s just become better at hiding it in his long years. We all have our secrets. We all choose with whom to share them. But we weave such a tangled web of lies and omissions to cover our tracks. My fate is tied to all of them, for now, that much is certain. We must work together… and pick up the pieces of what remains after all is done… if anything remains at all.

The path before me is unclear. I thought I knew my fate, once, but now it is like an impenetrable fog is covering everything, only the vaguest light and shadows flickering across the mind.


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