Naradra, pt. 10

I need guidance. A clear voice in the chaos that surrounds me. I wandered on the roads, looking to clear my head and found myself at a familiar stream. I kept to the banks, until I reached the shroud of the forest. The ‘Tree People’ had helped me once before. They had possibly been on this island long before Red Eye first plagued it. Could they know how to best defeat it? I’d trust them more than these supposed witches we are to meet.

I was allowed to enter, but was not met by their delegation. The darkness did not surround me as it had before. Instead, I felt only the peaceful calm of the wood. Before leaving, something caught my eye. There was a ring, not dropped or discarded, but laying out in a small basket of interwoven leaves. It was being presented to me. I only hope that their gift does indeed assist in our struggle. I left without answers, but I also found my questions had diminished.


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