Talia, p. 86

So, I told her.  Told her the truth.  I thought if she knew she could help me find the other.  She was surprised, I expected, shocked to be sure, but also forgiving, of which I was only hopeful.  She knew who had killed the woman, or was behind the attack.  It was not who I expected.  It means ‘their’ connection to her comes from another place.  But Mashai’s words were just as troublesome.  If there were those in his group that may be working against him in secret, against his plans… then it is possible she was killed by mistake.  If some now think I am she, then could the killers have thought she was me?  Does he know what they did?  Would they try again if they learned I lived?  Trystan has asked I not meet with him again… yet why am I drawn to seek him out?


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