Talia, p. 87

It makes no sense to me anymore.  Everyone I speak to has a different story.  They each see a different force working at the center.  When I speak of the connections I see, they look at me with sad, confused eyes, as one might look at a troubled child.  Am I the only one that sees it?

The other was killed, not by mistake, but as a warning to a friend.  It was not to have been me, I believe that now.  The ones that mistook me for her have vanished, though I have learned there are further connections I was unaware of before.  He leaves me alone, for the time being, and my shadow… sent someone to me.  Why? The others do not trust her, but I cannot believe my shadow would intentionally send someone to harm me.  I will watch her closely.  Trust should not be so freely given, but she has done nothing to earn my distrust either.

My dreams have been peaceful… placid… but I feel they are false.  They lull me into a sense of false security.  I know I have disturbed her.  She sensed my fear.  So she offers me this in its place.  Even as her travels keep her away, in this she is always with me.  She means to protect me, but I will not be caged.  Even by her.  If I cannot dream, I cannot know what is seeking me.  I have not seen the woman in red in months.  I must find her, and to do so I must leave this protection.  I will return to that Inn. To our only connection I know.  If she still seeks me, she will find me there.


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