Tomas, An Introduction

Name: Tomas
Race: Human, Male
Age: ~17 years, give or take
Class: Rogue

His black hair is cropped close, his eyes deep pools that drink up the light. His smile, when he chooses to use it, has a boyish charm, though he might be considered more plain than handsome. He is still young, but carries himself as one who has seen more than most in his short years.

Brief history:
Orphaned a left in the care of the temple, Tomas spent his early years growing in, but separated from the city. Boyish curiosity led him to exploration of the temple grounds and eventually to the city beyond. Often in trouble, Tomas was faced with the choice of conforming to the temple, or to be expelled. At 15, Tomas began life on the city streets Tomas eventually connected with others when exploring abandoned buildings. Troubles continued to follow as there were often tangles with the young nobles. Eventually Tomas was forced to flee, the city guards being pressed into action by some of the richer families. Tomas found passage at the docks on a vessel bound for new lands to trade with. After several months at sea he arrived at Leefe, seeking a chance to begin again.


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