Tomas, pt. 2

We never made it to Baywatch. Seems Raynah is not the only one interested in those Stones. The Black Knights are as arrogant as the White Knights. Both wish to lay claim to this tiny island. Does it really make that big of a difference to most of those living here? What concerns me more are those damned werewolves. They’ve attacked us on multiple occasions, but they die, just like anything else. Fearsome, seeing something like that snarling, coming at you on two legs. Worse that the gnolls I met in the north exploring. I should revisit the others. They may have more information that can help. They may also have an interest…

Talia, p. 92

I need to speak with her again.  It was unexpected, meeting her that way.  I was only taking a quiet interest in the couples sparring.  It was the fire I in the corner that drew me to them.  The girl she was with seemed… surprised by it.  She was obviously also surprised to see me.  We’re not that similar.  It makes me wonder if the two had ever met.  It would explain much.  What I do from here depends on what she has to say to me.  Assuming I can find her again, but I think I know a way.

Talia, p. 91

Too long away from the city working out East.  I saw her again, and thought to speak with her.  She is more dangerous than I realized.  But she knows things.  And now I have met her, the mysterious ‘other’, the one that is not me.  And she is not… not me… and not the woman I seek.  She too, knows things… and does not know things.  She speaks of shadows that are not mine, that are not the ‘others’.  Could they be Mashai’s?  I’ve not seen the girl in some time.  Perhaps she ventured to her city.  Would I find answers there as well?

I left her, with more questions than I started, but with answers as well.  And more names… some I know… others are new. 

…and I was given an offer to visit.  It is foolish, and dangerous.  Now that I have met her there is little reason to go.  So why am I still drawn to it?  My shadow would not approve, but I never shared it all with her.  Trystan would caution me away from all of this, but he doesn’t truly understand.

I stay at the Traveler again.  Waiting… hoping that one of these nights she will reach out to me again, if she is still there.

Talia, p. 90

* a short note written in a careful hand *

the patrols continue near Mardo’s shop.  sometimes I avoid them… sometimes eliminate them.  they know I am here, that is obvious, what do they wait for?  orders?  from who?

and what was it I witnessed on the hill further south?  no one would speak of it.

Tomas, pt. 1

A few weeks…. After the long crossing to get here, a few weeks seems like nothing. Things are simpler here. It reminds me of the farmlands they spoke of at the temple. These people just work for day to day survival. There is not the layers I’ve seen before. I suppose this means I could start fresh. There are opportunities here, I can smell them.

But not in the city this time. Lou has taken to showing me around the countryside. He knows how to get around, but sometimes I think he sees himself as my father. It was something I never had. Something I no longer need. Like these people, he thinks things are all simple. Easy and simple, it’s not the same. Survival isn’t either. He couldn’t understand. There is no family here, though Agnomen could be close. He’s seen more of this world. He’s not so naïve. Him. Him, I think I could learn from.

Neither were about the other day, so I set off on the roads alone. This little island goes for miles, but always, there is the sea. There are only a handful of towns sprinkled about. Lazareth nearly the largest I’ve seen, aside from Ell’s Castle, or maybe Northville, but the smaller ones hold their gems as well.

The green one I found reminded me of her. The way it glittered in the sun, like her smile… Was it foolish to offer it to Raynah? She carries herself… awkwardly… at once with confidence… and then seeing herself as only a child. She thinks she knows the world, and admits to knowing nothing. She’ll no more understand than the others.

And what of the crazy man?