Tomas, pt. 1

A few weeks…. After the long crossing to get here, a few weeks seems like nothing. Things are simpler here. It reminds me of the farmlands they spoke of at the temple. These people just work for day to day survival. There is not the layers I’ve seen before. I suppose this means I could start fresh. There are opportunities here, I can smell them.

But not in the city this time. Lou has taken to showing me around the countryside. He knows how to get around, but sometimes I think he sees himself as my father. It was something I never had. Something I no longer need. Like these people, he thinks things are all simple. Easy and simple, it’s not the same. Survival isn’t either. He couldn’t understand. There is no family here, though Agnomen could be close. He’s seen more of this world. He’s not so naïve. Him. Him, I think I could learn from.

Neither were about the other day, so I set off on the roads alone. This little island goes for miles, but always, there is the sea. There are only a handful of towns sprinkled about. Lazareth nearly the largest I’ve seen, aside from Ell’s Castle, or maybe Northville, but the smaller ones hold their gems as well.

The green one I found reminded me of her. The way it glittered in the sun, like her smile… Was it foolish to offer it to Raynah? She carries herself… awkwardly… at once with confidence… and then seeing herself as only a child. She thinks she knows the world, and admits to knowing nothing. She’ll no more understand than the others.

And what of the crazy man?


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