Talia, p. 91

Too long away from the city working out East.  I saw her again, and thought to speak with her.  She is more dangerous than I realized.  But she knows things.  And now I have met her, the mysterious ‘other’, the one that is not me.  And she is not… not me… and not the woman I seek.  She too, knows things… and does not know things.  She speaks of shadows that are not mine, that are not the ‘others’.  Could they be Mashai’s?  I’ve not seen the girl in some time.  Perhaps she ventured to her city.  Would I find answers there as well?

I left her, with more questions than I started, but with answers as well.  And more names… some I know… others are new. 

…and I was given an offer to visit.  It is foolish, and dangerous.  Now that I have met her there is little reason to go.  So why am I still drawn to it?  My shadow would not approve, but I never shared it all with her.  Trystan would caution me away from all of this, but he doesn’t truly understand.

I stay at the Traveler again.  Waiting… hoping that one of these nights she will reach out to me again, if she is still there.


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