Tomas, pt. 5

So… she’s asked me in. Will she be able to do what is needed when the time comes? Will she be as shocked as the other was? I’m not sure why I agreed. Everyone on this island seems to cower in their hole, hiding from death, waiting for death. It will find them eventually, no matter what they do. We can only hope to meet it on our own terms. I should ask her what she knows of the sickness, if any word has come to the palace. A child lost… and so many of the others pale and ignoring it. I don’t think I’ll return there for a while. If I do, I may find them all dead. There are dangers everywhere now. Some intentional, some carelessness or stupidity.

And now others are talking of dreams as well… the madness spreads every day.

Tomas, pt. 4

…I still see the dream, but it is not the same. She used to speak of her dreams but I never understood. I thought they were just fanciful stories or worries she was sharing. But this woman was real. I know that. What did she mean by joining? I can do this on my own if I need to.

Tomas, pt. 3

They really exist! I thought the Stones weren’t more than drunken tavern tales. I followed her more from curiosity, but this changes things. We nearly died getting past those trolls and that dragon…. and that Beast! Like nothing I’ve ever seen before. There is a lot more going on here than I thought. The Red Dragons seem as arrogant as the Knights, but then, most of the guilds do.

Talia, p. 94

*written in a shaky hand*

It must be coincidence.  Why would the dead be waiting near the east way for me.  They cannot possibly have joined the hunt.  Those hate the undead nearly as much as I fear them.  They were in the rotted stump… did they rise from the ground there?  I must keep an open eye from now on… and pray that he does not seek me again. 

… and why were there so many orcs camping at the waterfall?

Talia, p. 93

The patrol was out again the other night.  Larger than I expected.  They did not see me.  Did they understand my call to arms?  Did they expect I would return with so many at my side?  They were removed… but I know given time they will return.  It seems almost a waste, and I still do not know who commands them.  If I ask her, will I find her for or against them?  I must be cautious.

One of my hunters approached me after.  This is the brother I’ve heard of before.  We agreed to speak later… he was not pleased with what I had to say.  He spoke of shadows as well, but again, not mine.  She is not to learn of the message, that he demanded of me.  So why did I ask to talk to her again?  I’ve kept to my rooms long enough.  It is time to visit my city again.

There is talk on the street of a massive wolf from the forests.  Could that be the beast?