Talia, p. 93

The patrol was out again the other night.  Larger than I expected.  They did not see me.  Did they understand my call to arms?  Did they expect I would return with so many at my side?  They were removed… but I know given time they will return.  It seems almost a waste, and I still do not know who commands them.  If I ask her, will I find her for or against them?  I must be cautious.

One of my hunters approached me after.  This is the brother I’ve heard of before.  We agreed to speak later… he was not pleased with what I had to say.  He spoke of shadows as well, but again, not mine.  She is not to learn of the message, that he demanded of me.  So why did I ask to talk to her again?  I’ve kept to my rooms long enough.  It is time to visit my city again.

There is talk on the street of a massive wolf from the forests.  Could that be the beast?


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