Tomas, pt. 10

There is something wrong in the palace. I feel it is time to distance ourselves, just as soon as we turn in the leaf. We can fret about Terrabolt’s motives after we have the gold. I don’t know that it really matters, but it shows he can’t be trusted. I hope the others can hold their tongues. He might feel we’ve turned against him for rescuing the girl. With the dragons and the Seer about, I’d rather not have the islands most powerful wizard striking at us as well. Raynah’s sharp comments still bother me. I thought I was past all that.


Tomas, pt. 9

The Seer no longer visits my dreams. when I close my eyes I see only snow… and blood. We must move, and now this new threat stands in our way.

Tomas, pt. 8

* drops of something that could be blood stain the corners of the page. Some of the parchment seems to have been burned away *

It can be done. I cornered one alone, and although I am exhausted, I was successful. It would have been simpler if those trolls had not spotted me. I should take what I’ve learned to the others. Aurik, I think, would be a great asset. Raynah, I fear, would just be in danger, but there is no way to dissuade her from coming.

Once finished, then we can drive into the mountains. We must get to the Seer before the other dragons do, otherwise all may be lost.

. . . my dreams fill with fire . . .

Tomas, pt. 7

Time grows short. I don’t know if I have the strength. So much depends on this.

It would be easier to find a ship, a strong tide, and to leave this place.

. . . so why don’t I?